Summary of YONEX Muscle Power 29 Lite Badminton Racket

Muscle power 29 Lite badminton racket will be evaluated based on Badminton Central thread. Yonex muscle power 29 Lite belongs to YONEX Muscle power series which is mainly built with isometric frame and round archway structure construction.

About Yonex Muscle Power Series:

YONEX Muscle Power badminton rackets series is intended for advance badminton players or pro badminton players. It consists of rounded string hold sets to reduce the stress level and provides smooth movement of string through grommets. With the help of rounded arches, the player will get more power and strong construction of racket support. YONEX’s Muscle Power series rackets are built on Isometric fame which is mainly designed to produce larger sweet speed. Larger sweet spot assists in delivering great badminton smash even if off center badminton shuttle contacts.

About Review of Muscle Power 29 Lite:

YONEX’s Muscle Power 29 Lt is a medium flex badminton racket. The frame of this racket is developed with Graphite /Titanium mesh, which gives a lightweight badminton racket shape. With graphite shaft, while playing badminton, the player will get more racket motion and quick racket handling. With G4 grip size and 85 to 89.9 G racket weight, Muscle Power 29 Lite will suit the attacking playing style and deliver third line badminton shots very efficiently.

yonex muscle power 29

About Review of YONEXs Muscle Power 29 Lite Badminton Racket:
To analyze this badminton racket, we have taken the reference of Badminton Central thread. In this thread, 14 players are replied to consider the racket.

All players mentioned that MP 29 Lite is fast, Light weight and powerful racket. It gives a combination of offense & defense and adjusts the playing style based on game need.

Muscle Power 29 Lite with BG 65 TI:

Few player is also recommended the Restring of Muscle power 26 Lt with BG 65 TI to generate more power in smashes but badminton strings are always subject matter depends on personal choice and playing style.

Final Verdict:

Based on a review and our experience we can say that Mp 29 Lt is perfect badminton racket especially for aggressive playing style. The player can restring it if they want more power and durability of string. BG 65 Ti will be suitable if you need power while another string recommendation depends on playing style.
The player can check out the full range of YONEX Muscle Power badminton racket at

Yonex Muscle Power 29